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what more can one say? on the need for sustainability action

can all u can

People are compelled to act when the alternatives are worse. This gem from Sharon Astyk captures the essence of all the study I've been doing since launching this blog 3 years ago.

Says Astyk, "It is not necessary to offer optimism...We know it may already be too late...What people feel is a necessity, a sense of urgency and a shared crisis." (via casaubonsbook).

As one of Astyk's commenters puts it, "we need to forget about the top national political leaders doing much, or even much at the state level. We also can’t think of ourselves as survivalists with a bunker mentality."

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think “one pound per mile”: on emissions reduction priorities

1lb emissions

Embedding balanced thinking in every day life is an essential part of the "resource literacy" we're promoting, right?

So, sustainability thinking involves much broader awareness of emissions 'metrics' the numbers in this chart. Wanna know the relative emissions impacts of, say, plastic bags versus driving. Here ya go!

Let's see: if we use an average of one plastic bag a day, we could go two weeks before accumulating the equivalent of one pound of emissions.

Now, perhaps if we all held in our minds the "one mile, one pound" metric associated with our vehicles, we might work harder to reduce our miles.

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more HCA video: Ramsey Taum says keep it REAL


There are many solid reasons to watch this presentation at last week's Hawaii Conservation Alliance conference, especially including where Ramsey Taum ends up after a marvelous romp through native insights on sustainability.

Taum opens with this quote from Marcel Proust: ""The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." Then he adds, "Sustainability acknowledges the systemic relationships between activities and entities that at first glance may not reveal their connectivity." Yeah, try them new 'eyes'!

Taum's presentation is all about the special sustainability challenges in these islands, sitting on the mountaintops of the "Blue Continent".

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sustainability courses, KIUC get local news play

kcc sustainability

Nice piece in today's Garden Island on my upcoming series of sustainability short courses, and yesterday's op-ed by the venerable Walter Lewis on the need for a KIUC rate hike was also kewl!

Have to say our island sustainability conversation continues to amp up, and I'm getting more and more "pinch me" moments as our community learning and dialogue advances. Seems like only yesterday that sustainability was 'fringy' stuff...

Sadly for most of us, getting in this conversation takes some homework. For openers, we gotta change how we think, and that's as tough a task as there is.

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climate science in Hawaii: the HCA 09 conference videos


Yeah! Ain't gr8! Already, many of the videos from last week's Hawaii Conservation Alliance conference on climate change are uploaded and waiting for your perusal. Watch 'em here.

Aside from the savings on carbon-spewing (of the inter-island variety), one reason I didn't go this year is because I can get all the good stuff this way...without leaving our treehouse! It's like the next best thang to virtual conferencing.

And kudos to HCA's Deanna Spooner and crew for another smash hit conference! And mahalos to the dozens of scientists and policy wonks who shared their work and latest thinking!

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Holdren on climate policy: lead or be cooked

john holdren

As Copenhagen looms, Obama's science advisor John Holdren says "industrialised nations need to get their acts together..and developing countries have to join pretty soon, or we're going to be cooked" (via newscientist).

Holdren still sees a chance for Senate passage of "commitments that will move us onto a declining emissions trajectory", and if so, "we will see a degree of progress at Copenhagen that will surprise people."

For now, Holdren sees cap-and-trade as a vital stepping stone, with "more ambitious" targets to be added over time.

Such adjustments are "likely", says Holdren because two things are going to happen:

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will KIUC listen to McKinsey? on energy efficiency strategy

McKinsey report

McKinsey unleashed another blockbuster on energy efficiency clearly showing how to get the first 30% of cost-savings and emissions-reductions, concurrently with developing new green energy sources (via greeninc).

The upshot would be 23% less energy demand by 2020, and trillions not needed for new energy generation.

Meanwhile, KIUC is betting against any such thing, assuming instead that energy demand will continue to grow fast (because efficiency won't work), and so we must soon add another fossil fuel generator (because green energy is unreliable).

We've noted many flaws in KIUC's plans, and next Tuesday evening you can see their business-as-usual (BAU) approach in action.

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military spending must shift to reflect climate security

guns vs green

With our military budget now approaching $700B annually, a new report from IPS urges Obama to shoot for a minimum of $30B in each of the next 20 years for climate change initiatives, including R&D and retrofits for government facilities (via grist).

Grist's Kate Sheppard notes that this need not be a zero-sum game, since climate action could be funded from carbon cap revenues (if they ever emerge from Congress).

Still, 'twould be smart to ratchet down on the gunboats as we ratchet up the green generators. Even with the stimulus package, Obama's military spending is still 9 times higher than climate action.

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sustainability ain’t philanthropy: Werbach on corporate strategy

adam werbach

Sustainability is not about "doing good" or "protecting the environment", says Adam Werbach, and corporations must integrate sustainability into their core business strategies (via SFS).

"Yes, it's important to reduce waste and toxins in a company to protect our diminishing natural resources", says Werbach.

Still, "an environmental strategy is not enough to sustain most businesses for the long haul", says Werbach, and "too often, a 'sustainability strategy' is simply an environmental strategy with a new name."

Instead, Werbach urges business to focus on a "strategy for sustainability", and underscores the difference with three telltales. A company has a strategy for sustainability when it:

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