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KIUC turning point? something worth voting for

Board elections at KIUC

A 'green' majority is possible, and new KIUC Board leadership* could help our island finally turn away from 'business-as-usual'.

So, this 2011 Board election is not just another voting moment-- it could be a turning point.

Do we 'get' how BIG this is?

With this prospect and at the urging of friends and colleagues, I feel compelled to run again** this year, so that our Co-op members have a clear choice.

Now, we must ensure that our neighbors and networks grasp this opportunity!

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sustainable road landscape? Hawaii seeks guidance

ken stokes running for kiuc board

I 'm down for the "economic context" as HI-DOT gathers some visionaries at a beachhouse in Lanikai next week to brainstorm a Sustainable Landscape Master Plan. Kewl! And Kudos to Chris Dacus for leading the way!

Still, my principal contribution may be to put the economics IN context. The 3 Spheres, and all that, right?

It's not just about what we can afford to do, anymore. It's as much about what we can't afford not to do.

'Twill be gr8 to mix it up with pros from the landscape architecture world, along with transport, cultural and sustainability practitioners!

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greener, sooner, cheaper: any questions?

ken stokes running for kiuc board

At the candidate forum last night for the KIUC Board election, I reiterated my campaign theme which holds up from three years ago...only more so. Especially that last bit!

I am distressed that our existing Board and management team seem satisfied with current efforts to keep rates fairly steady, apparently on the notion that this is the best that we can expect. Not.

We CAN expect a future of energy abundance with low electricity costs, yet the only way to get there is through a much more aggressive strategy of direct investment in renewable generation.

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Turn up the volume: continuing conversation about Kauai’s energy futures

conversdation about KIUC

In case ya missed it, here's a podcast of KIUC's CEO Randy Hee and me on Doug Carlson's "Energy Futures" HPR radio show.

This was from September 2009.

I pushed "ramping up" our conversion to renewables (21:45), highlighted the demand destruction by Kauai customers (26:15) and the integration of sustainability challenges in energy, transport, food, water and building (30:30).

I also noted the "smart money" now going into efficiency (36:50), and the food-vs-fuel land issue on Kauai (45:30).

Good fun!

We've been missing Randy around KIUC these past months, yet the issues and challenges remain the same.

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Where are we in Kauai’s sustainable energy conversation?

conversdation about KIUC

My recent SusHI retrospective had links to a series of posts I’ve written over the months that relate to Kauai’s energy choices.

Then I set out to cover in greater depth a series of KIUC-specific issues. These are linked below.

Hopefully, one outcome of this year’s race for the KIUC Board will be broader awareness of crucial strategic decisions Kauaians face regarding our urgent need to switch away from fossil fuels as an energy source.

And, hopefully, more KIUC members are more engaged and committed to participate in the tough decisions we must now make. We all have so much to learn. The conversation continues. Read on…

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