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here comes “Sun”: Hadley on farmworker housing

George Hadley

Kauai's guru of organic growing, George "Sun" Hadley, is leading by example at his "One Song" Moloa`a farm and by training a new generation of growers at his bio-intensive seminars. (See Sun in this video by Darrel Jarmusch, and read Anne O'Malley's feature.)

Now, he wants to see Kaua`i modify its zoning and building codes to make it easier for local farms to introduce more "green" elements, such as composting toilets and renewable energy in their operations.

"Too much of what we need to do to achieve sustainability is still illegal," says Hadley.

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Kauai’s power keeps getting greener

yale students on Kauai

Great news from Kauai's local electric co-op, KIUC, with the the release of its latest carbon emissions data: we're still trending down!

This chart shows that KIUC's emissions are falling from over 1.5 pounds of CO2 equivalents per kilowatt-hour in 2003 to just over 1.4 pounds last year.

These figures are based on emissions data provided by Brad Rockwell, manager of KIUC's generating facilities, with whom I spent a fascinating morning last week.

Remarkably, total electricity sold last year was (416 GWh) about the same as in 2003 (414 GWh), and down significantly from the 2007 peak (448 GWh), so we get the benefit of slack demand plus cleaner generation.

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