Hawaii leader takes volcanoes park climate-friendly

climate friendly volcanoes park

Dontcha love it when a local gal makes good! Take Cindy Orlando, for example.

This Wahiawa-bred UH grad paid her dues in the National Park Service for 33 years before winning a plum slot-- Superintendent of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park-- where she's been for 4 years now.

You're prolly not surprised to learn Orlando is leading the national pack in the "Climate Friendly Parks" campaign.

Nor that she's bringing top experts to help Volcanoes implement its own emissions reduction strategy.

Wudja believe Orlando’s park team aims to cut 12.5% from their operations GHGs by 2012? Yeah!

Here's a remarkable set of presentations that Orlando brought to Volcano as part of the parks planning process focused on emissions (all available here):

Oh, and, here's their resulting Action Plan.

You go!

Published by Ken on January 13th, 2008 tagged Climate Change, HI-specific

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