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sus community toolkit

Here's a new community resource that's quite useful in focusing your own local sustainability efforts (via federal sustainability blog).

Wudja believe a toolkit for local governmnet called "Toward a Sustainable Community"?

Das right, and not surprisingly it's coming out of Wisconsin, thanks to their university extension service and a little help from 1000 Friends of Wisconsin.

The idea is to provide descriptions of specific actions a local government can take to transform itself into a model of sustainable practices.

Included are practices that can result in cost savings and increased employment, as well as enhance environmental quality and community well-being.

The message of this toolkit is simple: local governments can lead by example.

The toolkit lays out three alternative paths for action:

  1. Local governments can provide leadership to organize the process through municipal channels
  2. This can occur through community involvement and grassroots efforts
  3. It can evolve through both top-down and bottom-up approaches.

The focus of the toolkit is on the internal workings of local government, specifically energy, buildings, transportation, purchasing, investment and hiring.

It provides practical tools for making these functions of local government more supportive of the long-term human and environmental health and well being.

Further, it provides strategies that can be implemented through traditional means of policy development, fiscal administration, local government and education.

Go get 'em, and start moving your community in a sustainable direction...if you're not already.

Published by Ken on January 20th, 2008 tagged Best Practices, Community Initiatives

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