ebikes can work for islanders: get yer mobility here

ez sport semirecumbent electric bike

Finally, my electric bike arrives today, and I'm like way psyched about a new era of cycling for these aging bones!

Can't get back up the narrow road climbing a mile from highway to home, das why...especially with laundry or groceries in tow.

Yet, that's no reason to use a car. So, I'm switching fuel and motor, and using 2 wheels to get back and forth to town.

Gotta further shrink our footprints, dontcha know, and this'll knock off more than half of my car miles.

You could, too. Why? Electric-assist cycling has come of age.

E-biking is a practical and convenient alternative, especially where hills and traffic might otherwise discourage cycling. That tiny little electric motor in the hub of my new bike can get me and my load of stuff back up that hill at 20 mph.

(And, forgive me for being crass, but...sustainability is about getting up and down around our island. It's what separates us...at the moment. So, wot if dakine e-bike fixes that part?...)

Oh, and, did I mention it's a recumbent bike? That's also part of the aging thang: I wanna kick back and peddle, instead of leaning over the handlebars.

Sure, I could build muscle, yet this shoulderless road is narrow, and local drivers treat it like a raceway, so it's imprudent to be out there peddling in second gear.

And, yup, I got m'self a nifty little trailer (from Carry Freedom).

Now, if only our electric utility were already 100% green...

Still, I'll be spewing a lot less carbon than driving. (Right, I'll measure this and report my results here soon.)

(Added: For those keeping track, I do not now and did not ever own a car...but since I got married 4 years ago, I've been using my wife's car. Now I won't...except to get to my seminar sessions in Kilauea and Kalaheo at non-busable hours...)

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.

Published by Ken on January 28th, 2008 tagged Ecological Footprint, Transport

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