is there a footprinting tool in Hawaii’s future?

HI leg bill to tweak EIS process

Woohoo! Hawaii may finally fix its flawed environmental reviews, if this bill (HB2510) passes.

Fact is, we've tried several times before...back in 06, when an identical bill WAS passed, and then implementation was aborted due to funding snafus. And, in the mid-1990s some of us tried to add 'cumulative' impacts to the EIS rules…which seemed like a major flaw. (Duh!)

Still, "the best practices for environmental assessment globally and nationally have changed dramatically since Hawaii's laws were written, and Hawaii has not optimized the opportunities to learn from these developments."

That's not me talkin'...its from HB2510's 'whereas' section.

And, although the 'ecological footprint' framework isn't mentioned, we can hope that the proposed 2-year study process will highlight the crucial advances in sustainability assessment methods that can be incorporated in a footprinting tool for Hawaii.

Hey, and, wouldn't it be grand it yours truly got to participate on the "interdisciplinary team" which this bill calls for.

Yup, this is a UH deal, yet it also calls for " other technical experts in the field of environmental management and planning."

In a nutshell, the UH Environmental Center will conduct a study on the State's environmental review process. "This study shall:

OK, then. Let's get on with it!

(Hat tip to Vivian Lerner...)

Published by Ken on February 5th, 2008 tagged Best Practices, Ecological Footprint, HI-specific

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