renewable energy for Kauai: SusHI posts in review

renewable energy for Hawaii

As you know from tracking my sustainability stuff, I'm persuaded that nothing is more important than than switching away from fossil fuels, and KIUC is a crucial lever in this transformation.

Yet, neither Kauai nor the other Hawaiian islands is gonna get’r done without a much broader awareness of energy issues and a deeper sense of responsibility for our personal part in the global warming challenge.

We need to know about the tough choices facing our electricity coop, about alternative fuels for producing and using energy in the islands, and about the new insights regarding our energy choices that come from systems thinking.

Over the months, I’ve posted about many aspects of our energy challenge, and here’s a handy list of some of the post important posts for your review.

KIUC and Kauai electricity:

Alternative fuels in Hawaii

Systems thinking on energy:

‘K den, you know where I've ended up after a lengthy consideration of the sustainability challenges facing Hawaii.

And, sure, joining the KIUC Board is a huge commitment and responsibility, Still, I would be honored to serve.

I wanna know wot you think.

Published by Ken on February 18th, 2008 tagged Energy, HI-specific, Systems Thinking

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