complacency or panic: on narrowing choices for Hawaii

jim dator, hawaii futurist

One clue to the prospects for achieving a sense of urgency around sustainability in Hawaii might have come last year, when futurist Jim Dator quit the HI2050 effort.

According to Richard Borreca, Dator walked away saying HI2050 dealt timidly with immediate issues "but should not pretend to have any futures orientation" (via starbulletin).

Expressing concern about this, Borreca notes that "there is a tipping point to governing...a moment when it is going to slip away no matter how hard you try to pull back. "

Dator reports that "things have gotten worse while the state has basically played the fiddle." Game, set, match.

"When one of the nation's leading futurists is so decidedly gloomy about our own options, the state's leaders might want to start making decisions for real and not for show", says Borreca.

Never mind that a last minute salvage effort might save the HI2050 recommendations. There is no urgency here.

Borreca quotes James Schlesinger, former energy secretary, saying "we have only two modes -- complacency and panic."

Says Borreca, "the recent events here in Hawaii and across the nation make you wonder just how risky is Hawaii's future."

Of course, if the future's risky, wot are the choices?

Published by Ken on April 13th, 2008 tagged HI-specific, Island Vulnerabilities

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