turn up the volume on sustainability, says MIT prez

susan hockfield, mit prez

"We need a serious national conversation about sustainability", says Susan Hockfield, which would be simply interesting except for Hockfield's job title: President of MIT.

Wot, ya mean MIT hasn't solved our tech challenges yet? No, says Hockfield, and "we need to tell the truth about the power and limitations of technology."

Hockfield seeks elevated public debate because some of our most daunting challenges have been largely ignored.

Like the issue of scale. We need real solutions, says Hockfield, not dilettante's distraction...which is wot we get if we ignore the scale issue. Everyone has a part, says Hockfield, since individual behaviors must change...

...as must government policy. Industry must respond, and communities need change agents.

For its part, MIT has been training a new generation of leadership that is focused on all three spheres of sustainability.

Hockfield notes that a recent survey of American high school seniors found that 64% believe they could invent energy solutions, yet 69% don't believe their high school is preparing them for this future.

Echoing remarks by David Hunter Marks, MIT Professor of Environmental Engineering and Coordinator of the Alliance for Global Sustainability, who introduced Hockfield in this video, Hockfield says:

"We need pathways to a sustainable future that are at scale, in time, and for all."

If ya think that's easy, go watch the video with Marks and Hockfield's remarks before Rajendra Pachauri gave the keynote address.

BTW, these pathway criteria are surprisingly similar to wot I presented in the LEGS keynote. "At scale" is like "smart"; "in time" is like "safe"; and "for all" is like "fair".

Great minds...and all that...

Oh, and, turning up the volume is wot I'm doing...with another round of seminar sessions for Kauaian leaders.

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