of birds and bads: shearwater blocking Kauai windpower?

birds and turbines

God bless the A`o (shearwater) and all Kauaians whose labors of love help mitigate their risks of extinction.

Feral cats eat their eggs and chicks, pigs and goats degrade their habitat, and lights disorient them, causing collisions with power lines.

Now comes word (via the 'coconut wireless') that Kauai may pass up a major wind energy project because the turbines may also kill some shearwaters. `Aue (alas)!

And this for a bird that resides on Kauai from April to October, and whose most vulnerable time is the fledgling season in October.

And, never mind that the A`o population has been dropping, "with a 60% reduction in birds using Kauai during the 1990's" despite our best efforts.

Either way, it seems the feds have determined that the guy wires for the meteorological towers installed to benchmark the wind resources, constitute a "take" of these birds.

I'm reminded of Audubon president John Flicker's comment (via lime):

“With a coal-fired power plant, you can’t count the carcasses, but it’s going to kill a lot more birds.”

That's right, 18 months ago the Audubon Society endorsed wind energy...under the right circumstances.

Why? Global warming is more bad than wind turbines. Duh.

I'm also reminded of that line from Lewis Carroll's The Carpenter and the Walrus:

"No birds were flying overhead--
There were no birds to fly."

Published by Ken on May 27th, 2008 tagged Energy, Island Ecosystems

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