green with envy: on motivating a switch to cycling

ken stokes ebikes on the kauai bikepath

Got to cycle the new bikepath with fellow recumbent adopters from Kauai and Hawaii island this weekend. Wot a treat! Tho't I was the only one.

It proved a great opportunity to peddle (heh) the concept of cheaper, greener transport among the walkers, joggers and cyclists on the path as well as gawkers on the highway.

We're doing wot we can to elevate the status of ebikes. The fact that mine is a recumbent certainly helps catch the eyes, since most folks have never seen anything like it.

We can only hope to provoke some envy as we zoom on by... the rate of a penny per mile. Especially when yer garden-variety car is now pushing past 18 cents a mile.

Insofar as envy is one of the strongest motivators for changing human behavior, dontcha think we could make cycling a kewl thang, again?

According to Nate Hagens, in a marvelous post on oil drum about our oil addiction, "the 'aspiration gap' is economic-speak for the relative fitness/status drive towards who/what is at the top of the status hierarchy."

I'm especially hoping that older folks like me will reconsider the cycling option, knowing they don't have to perch on a tiny seat and lean over the handlebars.

Oh, and, I've found my transport really catches the eyes when I've got my trailer hitched up and I'm carrying my laundry or shopping back up the hill at 15 mph.

For the record, my recumbent is built by Sun (the EZ-Sport CX) model and powered with the BionX 350 watt hub motor.

BTW, I got mine from Robert at Blue Planet Surf on Oahu, who's got more demos for sale here.

B there, or B square!

Published by Ken on July 8th, 2008 tagged Community Initiatives, Energy

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