get hooked on my heroine: the Dana Meadows video

dana meadows in 1994

Wow! Wudja believe this woman had an enormous influence on my life and work, yet I never got to meet her or catch one of her presentations.

Now we all can, thanks to the gang at Gund Institute, who have posted video of Donella Meadows' 1994 classic on envisioning sustainability.

From all those years of reading Meadows' "Global Citizen" columns, it was hard not to be most touched by her humanity and her adventuresome spirit.

Still, I wasn't prepared for this "Down to Earth" presentation. Meadows opens with a confession that she's tossed her prepared slides and will speak about some "new things".

[So far as I can tell, this is the only Meadows video available online; she died in 2001.]

The Gund Institute for Ecological Economics is home to some of the stars in 'ecosystem valuation' research, including Josh Farley (recently re-featured on worldchanging).

Better still, the Gund gang uses the web well, offering lots of online resources (including these videos on ecological economics) and certificate courses.

That's right, you can get yer cert in ecological economics right there on yer home 'puter!

gund instituteGund also posted a marvelous follow-on to "The Death of Environmentalism", with lots of great video presentations (including Meadows) that can help folks "move beyond the negative environmentalism of the past". They do this by:

"Creating a positive, detailed, shared vision of a sustainable and desirable future- a future in which living in harmony with nature is not a sacrifice, but an improvement in everyone's quality of life; a future that can captivate and motivate the public; a future that we would be proud to leave to our grandchildren. Until we create and widely share this vision, we have no hope of achieving it."

That's the essence of this Meadows video...which you must watch.

It's why her essay on "Envisioning Sustainability" tops the reading list for my sustainability seminars.


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2 Responses to “get hooked on my heroine: the Dana Meadows video”

  1. Ted Montgomery Says:

    Hi Ken, this was surely one fine leader. She came to our Ten Stones community in the mid '90's as part of a workshop on community living. We were up and running and she was just starting her intentional community in southern Vermont. A marvelous woman... BTW, the director of the Gund Institute now lives in the house where we met with Dana. And the graphic (and website) in this posting is the work of my wife Sarah! Small, small planet we have, eh?

  2. Ken Says:

    Yeah, Ted. Flat, too!
    Love the Gund gang!