BAU down to indicators: known knowns by the numbers

cascadia scorecard for energy

Business-as-usual (BAU) is the enemy. Step away from the vehicle!

This message comes clear is all our conversations about sustainability, yet how do we know when we've turned the corner?

Town by town around the planet, we're starting to compile measures of progress toward sustainability goals, and the community indicator movement is blossoming into a major force in the transition to sustainability, even here in Hawaii.

The Kauai Planning & Action Alliance, for example, is moving to complete its first update of the community indicators we produced last year (of course I'm involved). And the state of practice is rapidly evolving, thanks to two Seattle-based efforts.

The  Cascadia Scorecard clearly reflects "progress toward the Northwest's shared aspirations of healthy, prosperous people and thriving, unpolluted ecosystems."

And the ICLEI project to create a STAR Community Index promises to raise the bar in how progress is measured.

We know where we gotta go to get sustainable. Now we know more about where we are in the transition. This can only help motivate us to do more, faster, no?

Published by Ken on September 17th, 2008 tagged Community Initiatives, Sustainability Science

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