2 paths to EV future: switch-and-toss or convert

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We know EVs are a huge win in emissions reduction and lower driving costs, yet waiting to switch, then tossing your clunker is just one way to make the transition. The other is to convert existing cars to EV.

From a sustainability perspective, we gotta consider the footprint of the "tossing" together with the "switching".

Now we have reliable data showing that EV conversion is superior to switch-and-toss, thanks to CalCars’ Kramer & Gremban.

Converting your existing ICE to EV would save an additional 20% in lifetime energy versus building a new EV, if you include the disposal of you ICE clunker.

And that's before considering the cost of a new EV, the cash for your clunker, and the tax credits for greening your wheels.

Fact is, if you get a $7,500 tax credit for purchasing EVs, you could convert many existing cars and light trucks for that amount, Howzat one?!

Skeptics might want to wade through the details provided by Kramer & Gremban. You can even calculate the benefits of converting your Prius...this is fascinating stuff!

Not surprising, then, that EV conversions are getting more media play these days.

Ironically, Better Place’s road show includes a Nissan Rogue converted to electric drive, but have no plans to get into the EV conversion business.

I'm advocating an electric vehicle component of KCC's transition to "green job" training. And, perhaps some of our independent mechanics could set up conversions shops...

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One Response to “2 paths to EV future: switch-and-toss or convert”

  1. supak Says:

    This is a great job-creating idea! This also helps solve the problem of how America's used cars wind up in Mexico, where they keep guzzling gas and belching CO2 for many years to come.