why Hawaii needs a Gore: on sustainability beyond politics

joann yukimura

Got some facetime yesterday with JoAnn Yukimura following her unsuccessful run for Kauai Mayor on a sustainability platform, and came away refreshed in my views of our political leadership.

Asked if she’d consider "pulling a Gore" by stepping out of politics to spearhead a sustainability advocacy campaign, Yukimura demurely smiled and said it was "an interesting idea".

One reason I find it interesting is the state of practice in our state/county governments. The way it's stacking up, it’ll be years before these bodies slog through all the themes and minutiae comprising a deep sustainability agenda...energy, transport, food, building, goods & services, and waste.

We don't have that kind of time to turn toward a sustainability transition in these islands.

As Matt Simmons remarked the other day on Hawaii Island,  we urgently need to "do something before everything unravels".

Perhaps a new voice outside of government could more effectively propel the sustainability agenda.

Published by Ken on December 5th, 2008 tagged Community Initiatives, Sustainability Science

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