sustainably feeding ourselves: it’s not just about growing

food preservation

Jason Bradford is rediscovering the art of food preservation and storage, and his community is benefiting.

Howzat? As a CSA producer, Bradford supplies hundreds of families, and his food preservation processes are carving a dramatically smaller footprint than conventional methods (like refrigeration).

Now, everyone can relearn these low energy input food preservation techniques, as Bradford has sparked a wide-ranging conversation (via oildrum).

Funny thing is, most Kauai growers I know are also moving heavily into the processing and preserving thang.

Guess we're all, by now, fairly mindful of our gi-normous footprint from "modern" home storage and preparation methods.

Turns out, a combination of methods for drying, lacto fermenting and preserving in olive oil, plus storing food in the ground or cellar is not only vastly more energy also does a better job of retaining food's nutrients.


Now, put this together on a "Dream Farm", and we might just fix our food footprint foibles...

Published by Ken on December 18th, 2008 tagged Food, HI-specific

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