climate known knowns from ’08: what have we learned?

climate lessons

Sheesh! Has it really been 9 months since HCA's climate change conference where we first learned all the ways Hawaii will be challenged in the years ahead?

Wonder what we've learned since then? Lucky us, Amanda Leigh Mascarelli has taken a look at how far our understanding of climate change has come in the past twelve months (via celsias).

For one thing, CO2 ain't the whole trip...Other greenhouse gases are now popping up on our radar, such as methane and nitrogen trifluoride, a gas produced in the manufacture of gadgets such as MP3 players and flat screen TVs.

Mascarelli also looks at what remains unkown. Stuff like how fast Greenland is melting.

Read on!

Published by Ken on December 24th, 2008 tagged Climate Change, HI-specific

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