time to act: on institutional collaboration for sustainability

think plan doSure, it's gratifying that SusHI saw its millionth visitor yesterday (a regular reader from Kailua who clicked-through to Susan Hockfield's "turn up the volume" video...Kewl!).

Still, the time for bloggin'/talkin' is passed.

IMHO, it's time to act on our sustainability challenges, and I'm shifting my focus to this end.

Working with a marvelous group of 4 institutional leaders on Kauai (who all happen to be women)*, I'm incubating a "Think & Do Tank" that can accelerate our island's transition to sustainability.

...Because we'll need everything these and other groups are doing or intend to do...and much more, to get'r done.

So, I'll be otherwise engaged for a while...

As I posted today in email to Kauai cohorts:

IMHO, forging sustainable pathways that are "at scale, in time, for all" on our island will entail extensive citizen engagement and institutional collaboration.

I'm hopeful we can acknowledge that our sustainability imperative is bigger than all of us put together.

We know that in order to resolve our footprint challenges we must re-invent our systems for energy, transport, food, building, business/consumption, and waste...and the time for advocacy has passed.

Kaua`i is coming from way back in the pack...and that's the good news (heh), IF we can find the will and sense of mission to leapfrog into a series of highly focused, mutually-reinforcing community sustainability initiatives.

To get there, it seems clear we must innovate in how we organize ourselves for this new and daunting agenda...and that's my focus in the months ahead.

Meanwhile, feel free to plumb the depths of SusHI's accumulating knowledge base on sustainability in Hawaii.  We all have so much to learn!


* Leadership group = the CEOs of our largest community (KPAA) and business (KEDB) groups, our KCC Chancellor, and the Mayor's Office.

Published by Ken on February 11th, 2009 tagged Community Initiatives, Systems Thinking

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