a model TDT for thee: don’t think of faster horses

model TDT

Henry Ford knew the carriage trade just wanted faster horses, so he didn't ask them. Instead, he bedded down with the builders of new forms of mobility and production, and within 10 years, the carriage builders were out of business...and the US economy never looked back.

Now, our best thinkers are betting on the builders of new forms of social networking and enterprise, and our best hope for sustainability lies with those who seek to "reboot" the whole business.

...which is why we need a "Model TDT" (for "Think & Do Tank"). And, by “we” I mean every community.

Propelled by talent-sharing, fueled by consensus-building, and produced by social entrepreneurship, these three legs offer a new stool we can all use to step up to our sustainability challenges.

Because sustainability is a place-based science, each community needs new ways to integrate and apply our burgeoning knowledge-base on all aspects of sustainability...for their own circumstances.

Each has the talent, creativity, and leverage required to forge their own solution pathways “at scale, for all” their own people.

Yet, to get’r done “in time”, we’ll need innovation in our governance process…and that’s what a TDT represents.

So, above and beyond all the initiatives currently underway, we’ll need a new vehicle to propel our communities through this transition as swiftly as possible.

OK, so mebbe you should think of faster horses…(heh)

Better yet, think of this as herding our horses.

The Model TDT is intended to help each community move forward through these uncertain times.

Howzat? Come back for more on how this innovation process is unfolding on my island...

Oh, and, BTW: the inspiration for the "Model TDT" is the (original) Sustainability Institute, founded by my heroine, Donella Meadows, as a "think & do tank".   Mahalo, Dana!...now methinks we're all gonna need one of these...

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One Response to “a model TDT for thee: don’t think of faster horses”

  1. supak Says:

    More like herding cats...

    Who will be the new Ford? When you say best and brightest, I think of all the intelligent people who succumbed to greed and went into hedge fund management or other such Ponzi schemes on Wall Street. Maybe the dreaded "brain drain" from top financial firms (their excuse for paying bonuses during a depression) will find their way into a market that fills needs instead of creating houses of cards.