banking on sustainability: three spheres for reinvestment

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As long as we're bashing the banks for squandering our wealth, we might envision a new kind of bank that actually fuels the sustainability transition.

A bank like, say, e3bank, recently formed in a suburb of Philadelphia, which operates on the triple bottom line business model (via sustainablepractices).

This 'green' bank's mission is to "strengthen enterprise and restore the environment, while increasing social equity". Kewl!

Hold on to your hats, now, 'cause e3bank's founders go on to assert that "the financial industry has a critical role to play in the societal shift to a sustainable world". I mean, pinch me!

Says e3bank:

"Our goal is to help build a vibrant green economy with financial products and services specifically designed to accelerate its growth. Our staff of financial experts are people who 'get it' and who understand the urgency for that shift."

BTW, e3bank just launched a unique online initiative to bring small investors into the ownership by setting the minimum investment at $5,000, which is significantly lower than bank industry norm.

Uh...any Hawaii bankers feel like helping launch something similar in these islands?

Published by Ken on April 9th, 2009 tagged Community Initiatives, Island Vulnerabilities

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