can we fix sustainability if “sacrifice” is unacceptable?

societal collapse

We will not "take preemptive action to mitigate the consequences" of our unsustainable industrialization, nor will we "choose to modify voluntarily our distorted, cornucopian worldview and our dysfunctional, detritovoric resource utilization behavior" we're headed for "societal collapse", says Chris Clugston (via oildrum).

Yet, don't worry: "We will be able to defer the onset of our Societal Collapse until a permanent shortage or disruption in the supply of a critical nonrenewable natural resource permanently disenables our industrial mosaic" says Clugston.

Clugston recommends preparation strategies "for those who believe that survival probabilities and living standards during and after Societal Collapse can be optimized".

Still, according to Clugston, "you would do well to keep your survival strategy and its particulars to yourself, and remember that 'human decency' is directly proportional to resource availability".

Clugston's most likely scenario? "We will instead continue to use the remaining ecological and economic resources available to us in futile attempts to perpetuate our American way of life—behavior that will become increasingly desperate as we encounter increasingly severe resource supply shortages and disruptions."

Published by Ken on May 19th, 2009 tagged Climate Change, Energy

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