keywords for sustainability: essential, inevitable, and feasible

sustainability transition

Hopefully, folks 'get' that "going green" ain't enough...that there's no such thing as "sorta sustainable".

At the same time, this or that "green" initiative may be seen as a "choice", yet there is no choice but to quickly transition to sustainability. Period.

As the "Transition Town" gang puts it, "climate change makes the carbon reduction transition essential, peak oil makes it inevitable, and transition initiatives make it feasible, viable and attractive."

Notice we're talking "3 Spheres": In economies we will inevitably switch energy, in ecologies we will essentially adapt to climate change, and in communities we will viably re-invent from the bottom-up.

In other words, resource depletion is forcing our hand, so emissions will decline and the rules of the game will change...which changes everything for would-be re-inventors.

Oh, and, let's hope community resilience trickles up!...

Published by Ken on May 31st, 2009 tagged Climate Change, Community Initiatives, Systems Thinking

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