what needs more explaining? on ignoring idiots


The amazing scientists at RealClimate are getting tired of climate deniers and delayers.

Wouldn't you, if you faced "the same nonsense, the same logical fallacies, the same confusions - all of which seem to be endlessly repeated."

Most of us are bystanders as the educated and the idiotic battle it out for headlines and soundbites.

The educated push on "because bystanders deserve to know where better information can be found", says Gavin Schmidt.

Meanwhile, the idiotic "keep floundering ahead with blind faith in their increasingly fallacious worldview."

People with constructive things to add to a discourse get discouraged from wading in.

After all, "one has to hope that there is the possibility of progress before one engages."

For some laffs about the  quality of our conversation, see this Onion piece on "well-reasoned arguments."

...Oh, and, if you happen to know of any KIUC Board member going to DC to lobby against Obama's climate change legislation (hint), you might send the Onion link along to them...

Published by Ken on June 7th, 2009 tagged Climate Change

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