sustainability thinking is crucial says Prince Charles

prince charles

Prepping for teaching short courses on sustainability thinking at KCC, I'm struck by the cacophony of  voices saying we need a new way of including Prince Charles.

Last Wednesday, Charles concluded the Dimbleby Lecture by advocating "a much more integrated way of thinking and perceiving the world", noting that new technologies and lifestyles won't be enough (via bestfootforward).

"We are still conditioned by Modernism’s mechanistic thinking...invariably seeking a solution to one problem without thinking of the impact this will have on the whole...which has led to our disconnection from the complexity of Nature", says Charles.

Charles contrasted interdependent natural systems that work bottom-up by developing strong roots to support the whole, compared to the current globalized economic model that imposes a top-down economic and cultural monoculture.

Charles proposes that this dominant model is contrary to the more complex ecological balances developed by nature, and therefore poses a significant threat.

"If we fail the Earth, we fail Humanity", says Charles. "The choice is certainly clear to me."

Oh, and, you can catch a piece of da speech here.

Published by Ken on July 11th, 2009 tagged Climate Change, Systems Thinking

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