King Coal has no clothes: don’t bow down on climate change

big coal

What's up with "Big Coal" marauding through Congress as if it's a stuck pig? The concessions wrung from the House were enough to gut the “climate change” bill's effectiveness, and now their Senate lobbying sounds like "life or death" (via wbcd).

"The idea that coal lobbyists are out there complaining that they need more is just appalling, because they already got so much" says Friends of the Earth's Nick Berning.

Fact is, we (and other nations) must get off coal if we've got a shot at achieving the required near-term global emissions reductions. So why is Congress so susceptible to the "stuck pig" thang?

Yes, we're looking to reduce reliance on coal for electricity, yet that's a consequence of a larger purpose: accounting for the footprint of our energy sources.

Turns out, putting a "price" on carbon and emissions simply makes coal so expensive that investors and consumers will go elsewhere.

Let the market speak, says here. And don't block the necessary reforms just 'cause it means you're out of a job. I mean, this is embarrassing...

Published by Ken on July 13th, 2009 tagged Climate Change, CO2 Emissions, Energy

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