sustainability is not the absence of un-sustainability

ehrenfeld book cover

"Greening" is about making us less un-sustainable. Sustainability is something else", and "we'll need both", says John Ehrenfeld (via sloanrev).

Ehrenfeld's new book defines sustainability as "a positive vision of the possibility that human and other life will flourish on the planet forever…It is an emergent property that only appears when the whole system is functioning properly.”

Greening, or working on eco-efficiency, is critically important, yet this is not sustainability. This is perpetuation of our 'quick fix' obsession, which might reduce our un-sustainability, at best.

"Creating sustainability requires a new story of how the world works and how humans act", says Ehrenfeld.

Now you can watch Ehrenfeld unpack this stuff in a video of his recent presentation at Delft.

IMHO, this is vital perspective to help us all learn how to think in new ways.

Published by Ken on July 17th, 2009 tagged Sustainability Science, Systems Thinking

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