runup to Copenhagen: agreement on planes and boats?

ships planes on copenhagen agenda

Forgive yourself if the rush of high-level pre-Copenhagen gatherings leaves you befuddled about the prospects for an achievable climate change deal to supersede Kyoto. We just hope it all works out, right?

Now, Gordon Brown has called for $100B annually from developed nations to help developing world 'leapfrog' to cleaner energy technologies, with funding from a new tariff on airline and shipping industries (which were excluded from Kyoto). Kewl! (via newscientist).

Guess that means emissions from flying and shipping would become the 'cash cow' for the green fund, rather than coming under the umbrella of national emissions targets. Double kewl!

Major airlines are lining up in support, and the shipping industry meets in London this week to consider something similar.

The airlines say the arrangement is fair because airlines in the developing world would have to pay up, too, whether or not their national governments faced emissions targets.

Now, if only we could get Hawaii designated as a developing nation...

Published by Ken on July 20th, 2009 tagged Climate Change, CO2 Emissions

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