Hawaii climate change funds escape guv veto

HI climate change

Bravo for state legislators who last week overrode Governor Lingles' veto of SB266!

So, there will be a climate change task force to study the potential impacts of rising sea levels, eroding coast lines, ocean acidification, fiercer storms, and other expected affects of climate change, and to suggest response strategies...all funded with $100,000 a year to be diverted from the state tourism fund (via gristmill).

Grist's Jonathan Hiskes notes that the fed’s climate change report forecasted severe effects on U.S. Pacific islands if climate change continues unchecked.

Lingle had argued that the state's emissions reduction task force was already addressing climate change.

Yet, as a Honolulu Star-Bulletin editorial noted:

"Policies obviously are needed to limit climate changes by reducing emissions. That will not eliminate the need for adapting to an environment that is certain to change in the decades and generations ahead."

Let's hope these modest funds go to supplement the Center for Island Climate Adaptation and Policy (ICAP) recently established at UH...

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