fulfilled with little: more low-hanging fruit

fulfilled consumer

'Tis hard to sense loss as the financial sector reels...if ya got no portfolio to lose.

Hard, too, to stay focused on holding-on to 'stuff' if ya got nothin'. And, it's hard to stop givin' back to community if that's all ya got.

Sure, I'm an economist, yet I've let all the recent financial news just wash over me. (I gave up 'stuff' after Hurricane Iniki.) I'm amazed that so many folks who've worked hard to "make it" are now not much better off than the rest of us.

Reading Nate Hagens, I'm wondering if it's all about "self" (via oildrum).

Wonders Hagens, how do we "remove/fight the common perception that 'we will be better/happier if we buy a certain something', or 'attain a certain digital/financial net worth'?"

IMHO, Hagens is onto a huge challenge here. Can we imagine a "Century of the Self(less)", after the 20th Century transformed us into 'consumers'?

Says Hagan,

"I know from past experience that being around 'poor' people who did not realize they were poor was both inspirational and humbling as I saw how happy/fulfilled they could be with so little.

I am confident this dynamic is the low hanging fruit as we face our energy transition...

I wonder if new knowledge and scientific awareness of our irrationality coupled with our insights into our cooperative/reciprocative natures could be leveraged to switch the pendulum in the opposite direction - such as a message/collective aspiration of living within the limits of our planetary ecology (meaning less energy and resource throughput)."

Never mind that our turn away from consumerism is fatal to our economy...it may just be the way to save ourselves.


BTW, Hagens was reflecting on the BBC series on PR and consumerism in the modern world...which is worth a watch!

Published by Ken on July 26th, 2009 tagged Systems Thinking

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