Mayor as playuh: Kauai’s lineman for county sustainability

kauai mayor

Pinch me! For the first time, our island's political leadership is stepping up to the sustainability challenge, and I'm feeling better about our chances with this big guy up front.

Mayor Bernard Carvalho isn't just mouthing the "S" word...he's serious about preparing Kauai for the sustainability transition coming down on his watch.

Carvalho is launching a series of newspaper columns on sustainability and is learning to fold-in the sustainability theme with his daily "stories" as he moves from appearance to appearance.

Ya gotta like Carvalho’s chances as a cheerleader for the behavior changes that are integral to these transition times.

After all, he learned something about motivational speeches in Don Shula’s locker room.

Says Carvalho, "By changing our lifestyles we can conserve energy, protect our environment, and reduce our monthly expenses all at the same time."

Oh, and that image of the Mayor recycling his size-Xteen sneakers to promote curbside pickup initiatives is just priceless!

"Can I put this in my story for tonite?", Carvalho wondered as we met last week to backfill his understanding of interconnections within the sustainability framework.

Carvalho graciously acknowledged my upcoming sustainability courseware at a public forum with Apollo Kauai that evening…and promised to promote it among “his people”. Kewl!

Published by Ken on July 26th, 2009 tagged Best Practices, Community Initiatives

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