ahoy Senator! boaters want emission reductions, too

west marine founder

Citing the horrors of ocean acidification, a major boating company has launched a 'call-your-Senator' campaign to push for a climate bill even stronger than Waxman-Markey. Kewl!

West Marine sent emails to its customer base making the connection between CO2 and ocean acidification, noting that "solving one will solve the other", and urging boaters to "demand far greater emissions reductions than were able to pass the House."

"As one friend who got the email said, it's "interesting to see them step up with a position!"

Especially with 'Big Coal" flooding the Senate with cries for even more loopholes, this is a heartening sign.

West Marine founder Randy Repass (now Board Chair) has built the world's largest boating supply retailer from his passion for the sea, and now puts his company in the forefront of those advocating for climate change action. (Oh, and, they sell electric motors, too.)

Says West Marine, "We generally don't stray very far from our mission...but we feel compelled to make an exception to our normal policy and attempt to help raise the awareness of some significant risks that this and future generations of boaters are facing." Way kewl!

Published by Ken on July 28th, 2009 tagged Climate Change, Island Vulnerabilities

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