military spending must shift to reflect climate security

guns vs green

With our military budget now approaching $700B annually, a new report from IPS urges Obama to shoot for a minimum of $30B in each of the next 20 years for climate change initiatives, including R&D and retrofits for government facilities (via grist).

Grist's Kate Sheppard notes that this need not be a zero-sum game, since climate action could be funded from carbon cap revenues (if they ever emerge from Congress).

Still, 'twould be smart to ratchet down on the gunboats as we ratchet up the green generators. Even with the stimulus package, Obama's military spending is still 9 times higher than climate action.

Increasing climate spending "will make the balance of our security resources more consistent with the relative magnitudes of the threats faced by the nation and the world," the report argues.

IPS argues that Obama should make its investment in curbing climate change a clear priority in the budget, explicitly calling out the funds for the public to see.

The IPS report tallies up the spending on climate throughout various government programs, including research and development of energy technologies, tax credits for clean energy, climate science research, energy efficiency investments, mass transit, and green job training programs. The figures include both spending in the regular budget and the one-off spending in the economic stimulus package.

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