climate science in Hawaii: the HCA 09 conference videos


Yeah! Ain't gr8! Already, many of the videos from last week's Hawaii Conservation Alliance conference on climate change are uploaded and waiting for your perusal. Watch 'em here.

Aside from the savings on carbon-spewing (of the inter-island variety), one reason I didn't go this year is because I can get all the good stuff this way...without leaving our treehouse! It's like the next best thang to virtual conferencing.

And kudos to HCA's Deanna Spooner and crew for another smash hit conference! And mahalos to the dozens of scientists and policy wonks who shared their work and latest thinking!

'Tis truly amazing how far and fast we're moving with this 'transdisciplinary' field. Sheesh, was it 3 years ago already that I presented at the HCA conference on the convergence of corporate and community sustainability strategies? (Double-sheesh: my very first post here on SusHI was about this!)

Keeping up with the learning is like drinking from a fire-hose!

I'll be synopsizing some of what we're learning from sustainability science today at Noon on KKCR's "Malama Kauai" show...and highlighting the role of Kauai scientists.

And, of course, sustainability science will be a major focus in the short-courses I'll be launching next week at KCC.

Published by Ken on August 7th, 2009 tagged Island Ecosystems

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