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Nice piece in today's Garden Island on my upcoming series of sustainability short courses, and yesterday's op-ed by the venerable Walter Lewis on the need for a KIUC rate hike was also kewl!

Have to say our island sustainability conversation continues to amp up, and I'm getting more and more "pinch me" moments as our community learning and dialogue advances. Seems like only yesterday that sustainability was 'fringy' stuff...

Sadly for most of us, getting in this conversation takes some homework. For openers, we gotta change how we think, and that's as tough a task as there is.

Plus, we gotta absorb a whole swirl of new learning from sustainability science...about how our ecosystems work, about transitioning our local economy, and building community resilience for the sustainability challenges we face.

Oh, and, as Lewis' notes, there are multiple interconnected factors to assess as we forge our energy future...

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BTW, today's TGI also carries a great piece on sustainability challenges in our island food system by Glenn Hontz, who is also forging an ag training program at KCC.

Published by Ken on August 9th, 2009 tagged Community Initiatives, Sustainability Science

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