what more can one say? on the need for sustainability action

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People are compelled to act when the alternatives are worse. This gem from Sharon Astyk captures the essence of all the study I've been doing since launching this blog 3 years ago.

Says Astyk, "It is not necessary to offer optimism...We know it may already be too late...What people feel is a necessity, a sense of urgency and a shared crisis." (via casaubonsbook).

As one of Astyk's commenters puts it, "we need to forget about the top national political leaders doing much, or even much at the state level. We also can’t think of ourselves as survivalists with a bunker mentality."

"We do need to put the major focus on local governance and create collaboration among interests", says this commenter.

We are not stupid. We see what must be done. We know the alternatives are worse.

What are we waiting for?

Published by Ken on August 25th, 2009 tagged Community Initiatives, Systems Thinking

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