another ooops story: of road salt and watersheds

road salt impacts

My grandots in snow country will love this one! It's a real howler about our "system blindness". And about how un-sustainability means doing all the wrong things.

Wudja believe all that road salt we spread for "safety" purposes actually ends up somewhere our groundwater and streams. (You mean there is no "away" place we can throw this stuff?) Duh!

Yet, it took these new studies from Toronto and Minneapolis to make us realize road salt is a huge mistake (via treehugger).

Nor is this just about the impacts on aquatic life and drinking water. It's also about destroying roads, shortening the life of cars, and killing vegetation. WTF?

Yet the real dunce cap is this: road salt is totally unnecessary. It only works within a few degrees of freezing. Instead, ya gotta slow down, use snow tires, or find alternatives to driving.

But, no, we chose stupidity, just to satisfy our need for speed. And, the worst part is, it didn't even work!

What a laugh!

Published by Ken on March 5th, 2010 tagged Best Practices, Ecosystems Research, Island Ecosystems, Systems Thinking

One Response to “another ooops story: of road salt and watersheds”

  1. supak Says:

    In another example of hard times helping the environment, a lot of local road crews around here have cut salt applications and used more sand with the salt, to save money. Guess the price of salt has gone sky-high...

    When it gets really cold, they use calcium chloride. Guess that's bad news for the environment too...