Where are we in Kauai’s sustainable energy conversation?

conversdation about KIUC

My recent SusHI retrospective had links to a series of posts I’ve written over the months that relate to Kauai’s energy choices.

Then I set out to cover in greater depth a series of KIUC-specific issues. These are linked below.

Hopefully, one outcome of this year’s race for the KIUC Board will be broader awareness of crucial strategic decisions Kauaians face regarding our urgent need to switch away from fossil fuels as an energy source.

And, hopefully, more KIUC members are more engaged and committed to participate in the tough decisions we must now make. We all have so much to learn. The conversation continues. Read on…

FWIW, here are the posts I’ve contributed to our Kauaian conversation about KIUC and renewable energy, in no particular order:

We’ll prolly be talking a lot more about all of this in the months and years ahead.

Chime in, if you like…

Note: this was first posted 3 years ago...the last time I ran for the KIUC Board. Sadly not much has changed since then...except we've learned a lot more about out threats and opportunities. I'll be posting more here in the weeks ahead as we slog through another election campaign for KIUC director.

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