sustainable road landscape? Hawaii seeks guidance

ken stokes running for kiuc board

I 'm down for the "economic context" as HI-DOT gathers some visionaries at a beachhouse in Lanikai next week to brainstorm a Sustainable Landscape Master Plan. Kewl! And Kudos to Chris Dacus for leading the way!

Still, my principal contribution may be to put the economics IN context. The 3 Spheres, and all that, right?

It's not just about what we can afford to do, anymore. It's as much about what we can't afford not to do.

'Twill be gr8 to mix it up with pros from the landscape architecture world, along with transport, cultural and sustainability practitioners!

Lucky, Hawaii got back talent like Brad Kurokawa of Ki Concepts, who will direct this project!

Don't know how I got picked, yet Mahalo ke Akua! And, I was thrilled to learn that Kauai's own Leland Nishek helped catalyze this new approach for Hawaii. Kudos!

Published by Ken on February 18th, 2011 tagged Island Ecosystems

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