KIUC turning point? something worth voting for

Board elections at KIUC

A 'green' majority is possible, and new KIUC Board leadership* could help our island finally turn away from 'business-as-usual'.

So, this 2011 Board election is not just another voting moment-- it could be a turning point.

Do we 'get' how BIG this is?

With this prospect and at the urging of friends and colleagues, I feel compelled to run again** this year, so that our Co-op members have a clear choice.

Now, we must ensure that our neighbors and networks grasp this opportunity!

We have three weeks (until March 19) to deliver on our voting potential. The ballots will be in the mail this week, or co-op members (i.e., anyone with a utility bill) can vote online or by phone.

My intentions are made clear in my candidate statement and my comments at the public forum (where my intro comes about 23 min. in).

I am grateful for the parallel efforts of so many island leaders, and I know we can count on each other as we navigate our island's sustainability transition.

We are turning!

*   building on trail-blazing efforts by Carol Bain, Ben Sullivan and Jan TenBruggencate
** running with Ben 3 years ago, we fell short by a few hundred votes

Published by Ken on February 27th, 2011 tagged Island Ecosystems

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