What’s Hawaii’s traffic forecast? Watch this trend!

Hawaii vehicle miles drop

Did we miss something? Why are the indicators for vehicle miles traveled continuing to fall since 2007?

This chart shows the drop in Hawaii driving continued through 2010, despite moderating oil prices and improving mileage.

As Clark Williams-Derry notes, "without quite realizing it, we've just lived through a sea change in our appetite for car travel" (via sightline daily).

Says Williams-Derry, "what seemed like an inexorable rise in vehicle travel has turned, for the moment at least, into somewhere between a choppy plateau and a slow decline."

Perhaps its time for Hawaii's transportation planners to begin adjusting their expectations.

It may not make sense anymore to assume that demand for car travel will continue rising in the future the way it's gone since the 1950s.

This is certainly big news for Kauai, where we didn't want to build more and bigger roads, anyway.

Published by Ken on March 2nd, 2011 tagged Island Ecosystems

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