sprawl or in-fill? on Kauai town growth since 2000

town growth on Kauai

Surprise! Kauai's northshore was not the fastest growing part of the island, as development boomed during the last decade.

The 2010 Census data are just out, and Kapa`a is the clear winner in the home-building race, with Puhi close behind.

Of course, Puhi's boundaries were extended to include Grove Farm's new housing development.

Yet, the new housing in Kapa`a is all infill, and its share of island housing grew from 16% to 17% over this decade.

In fact, there were more new homes built in Kapa`a than Princeville and Kilauea combined.

Moreover, if you throw in the other Eastside towns, Wailua Houselots and Homesteads, this area saw more than one-third of all home-building on island.

More density within existing towns is a "smart growth" thang. Yeah us!

Published by Ken on March 9th, 2011 tagged Island Ecosystems

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