Yale students help Kauai measure sustainability

yale students on Kauai

What a treat! I got to spend much of this past week interacting with 4 students from the Yale School of Forestry while they were on Kaua`i collecting data for a "Material Flow" analysis as part of their coursework in Industrial Ecology.

Sadly, their experience of our island's tsunami evacuation plans was less of a treat. Along with many other Kaua`i visitors, they were simply pushed out of their resort late Thursday night as the expected waves approached...and given no guidance where to go for shelter.

Shown here are Sangay Dorji (Bhutan), Zhouwei Diao (China), Goksin Kavlak (Turkey), Andrew Zingale (America) as we gathered for a final meal at Hukilau Lanai (where we learned about the flow of materials from the garden to their plates...heh).

'Twas the least of our island's pleasures we could grant them after a horrible night spent sleeping in their rental car in the Kukui Grove parking lot!

The students' report on Kauai's quantities of imports and waste flows will be available in a few months. This will provide more crucial metrics for our assessment of sustainability challenges.

Mahalo to Dr. Marian Chertow for making this happen!

Published by Ken on March 12th, 2011 tagged Island Ecosystems

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