here comes “Sun”: Hadley on farmworker housing

George Hadley

Kauai's guru of organic growing, George "Sun" Hadley, is leading by example at his "One Song" Moloa`a farm and by training a new generation of growers at his bio-intensive seminars. (See Sun in this video by Darrel Jarmusch, and read Anne O'Malley's feature.)

Now, he wants to see Kaua`i modify its zoning and building codes to make it easier for local farms to introduce more "green" elements, such as composting toilets and renewable energy in their operations.

"Too much of what we need to do to achieve sustainability is still illegal," says Hadley.

Or, as Hadley likes to say, "NO is just an uneducated YES!"

After hearing a presentation by Mayor Bernard Carvalho the other evening, Hadley stressed that "Food security MUST be addressed in the Mayor's Holo Holo 2020 plan."

"A healthy economy is completely dependent on healthy farms", says Hadley. And healthy farms should be as green and worker friendly as possible.

Hadley is particularly interested in revisiting the worker housing and code issues for existing farmers whose land agreements may not match the recently approved worker housing policy on Kauai.

If ya wanna help or learn more, Sun Hadley can be reached at sunandlisa@<at>ive<dot>com.

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One Response to “here comes “Sun”: Hadley on farmworker housing”

  1. Ben Sullivan Says:

    Thanks Ken. I agree with Sun that there are a lot of opportunities to improve housing options for farmers, and that we oughta be working hard on that. The County is only a part of this, as things like composting toilets fall under the review of the State Department of Health (who does in fact allow their use, however, because of the way the rules are written, doing so is a lot more expensive than 'conventional' wastewater systems.) Thanks for the post!