wot he said: Ehrenfeld pushes sustainability as flourishing

Kauai tree tunnelHe had me at the lede: "No grist for the mill". Turns out, John. R. Ehrenfeld, too, is having a hard time finding inspiration in the sustainability conversation, thus far.

Yes, at first (say, 5 years ago), there was a rush of insight and innovation setting out in new directions.

Today, as Ehrenfeld opines, "So little has changed. Business still doesn’t get it. I have yet to see anything that remotely suggests that firms, large and small, are doing anything other than reducing unsustainability."

Yup, whole lot of that goin' around! Z z z z zzz...

The consequence, as Ehrenfeld notes, is that "I'm no longer able to stay fresh."

Perhaps you feel the same way (I do!). And, like Ehrenfeld, I'm less interested in pushing out my own thoughts.

That's largely a consequence of my own shifting now into the 'acceptance' stage of grief for our planet, and turning to focus on building-in resilience with family and friends. I'm spending more time applying what we've learned as we design, now, a 'living building' for a bunch of us aging boomers.

Still, bravo for Ehrenfeld...and this is the point of my pointing you to him...for continuing to remind us of 'sustainability-as-flourishing' (...a core theme in his "Sustainability by Design" book).

[Oh, and, if ya missed it, here's Ehrenfeld a few years back speaking at Delft on the difference between approaching sustainability and reducing unsustainability...key portions of which were required watching in my seminars for Kaua`i leaders.]

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  1. silvergladeb Says:

    Hi Ken,

    I enjoyed your blog. Was on the island several times this year - I hope have a chance to catch up.

    Bruce Silverglade