blowin’ in the winds

cane fire

Islanders like to think our air is 'clean' because the tradewinds blow everything 'away.'

But what comes (and goes) on the tradewinds?

How much of China's coal dust do we get, and who get's the soot from our cane fires?

One of my columns on 'eco-measures' in the Kaua'i Island News reports on the particulate matter found in our air (from the 'scorecard' by Environmental Defense), and it'll be a shocker for some.

Turns out, Kauai's level of PM-2.5 (the microscopic particles that cause most respiratory problems) ranks us in the 40th percentile on a 'clean-to-dirty' spectrum among U.S. counties.

Duh! It's the same air, the same ocean, the same planet...

If we're looking for that 'away' place where we 'throw' things, it's here, too.

Published by Ken on September 27th, 2006 tagged Climate Change, HI-specific

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