we’re all downwind of our own emissions

carbon monoxide in

Much American research has focused on the contribution of Asian pollution to the deteriorating air quality in the US.

 carbon monoxide outPerhaps this is part of the Bushies case against joining the Kyoto Protocol...unless China and India do, too.

Yet, the same monitoring satellites and emissions measurements that track Asian pollution to the US have also been tracking US pollution to Europe...and beyond.

Fair's fair. Ya gotta look at both the ins and outs of US pollution.

For example, these images of global emissions show the measured flows of carbon monoxide into (above left) and out of (above right) the US during the Summer of 2000.

Who's the bad guy here? You make the call.

So, it's OK for Portland to complain about Chinese mercury in the Willamette River (via treehugger), yet we are all downwind of the chemical soup we're all spewing.

When we islanders send our WalMart money to China for cheap goods, we also get their coal dust. How's that for a feedback loop?

A previous post reported on the Pacific circulation pattern that brings some Chinese dust directly to Hawai`i (on bad days) and some indirectly to Hawai`i as it cycles around the North Pacific (picking up some of the US emissions along the way).

...which prolly means our cane fire emissions circle on around the North Pacific and end up in Kansas, or something.

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  1. judyofthewoods Says:

    What goes round, comes round, as the old saying goes.