Jack Johnson helps Honolulu get into recycling

jack johnson promotes recycling

Jack Johnson is a heavy environmentalist with songs that speak about issues facing you and me as much as they entertain (via ecorazzi).

In his home state of Hawaii, Johnson's been promoting environmental and recycling education through the Kokua Hawai’i Foundation (which he started).

He also stumped for Charter Amendment 4 on O`ahu, which recently passed and will institute curbside recycling there.

Jack, his wife Kim, and a host of volunteers toured schools around O’ahu, singing the 3-Rs song and getting the word out about Amendment #4.

Nice job, Jack and Co. The 3-Rs are alive and well….

Published by Ken on December 8th, 2006 tagged Community Initiatives, HI-specific

One Response to “Jack Johnson helps Honolulu get into recycling”

  1. Greg Ashleson Says:

    Reduce what we waste and reuse what we have. Way to go Hawaii!