too late for heroes: hawken on bottom-up future

paul hawken

Why do we need "far more than an environmental movement?"

Because we must "touch the needs and suffering of every single person on earth."

So says Paul Hawken in a 'What's Next' piece on WorldChanging.

Calling for a "community created world", Hawken urges us to "stay in community and embody kindness and inclusivity in everything we do."

Says Hawken:

"We are experiencing something greater than 'greening.'"

Why? Because we are replacing a world fostered by wealth and privilege.

The language of sustainability is about ideas that never end:

According to Hawken, accelerating change will drive our adaptation from biological farming to corporate rights, from fisheries to localization as "traditional institutions make about faces and embrace ideas that they scorned not long ago."

So, how does this bottum-up movement work?

"We need an accelerated intertwining of the over one million non-profits and 100 million people who daily work for the preservation and restoration of life on earth...Rapid growth in this movement requires cooperation, collaboration, and sublimation."

Wot he said...

Published by Ken on December 27th, 2006 tagged Systems Thinking

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