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Ya gotta admit 2006 was a phenomenal year for learning about climate change.

Just in the three months since I lauched this blog, there has been a huge leap in understanding of the likely impacts of global warming.

As one means of summing up our learning about sustainability in Hawai`i to-date, here's a list of ten top questions for which we are now getting (at least partial) answers:

  1. How well is Hawai`i doing at catching incoming invasive species? (lousy)
  2. How clean is Hawaii’s air? (not)
  3. How much greenhouse gas do Hawaiians emit annually? (plenny)
  4. What’s in those jet contrails to Hawai`i? (you don't wanna know)
  5. Where does our polluted air come from? (asia and beyond)
  6. Why is skin cancer so high in Hawai`i? (less ozone)
  7. What will global warming do to Hawai`i weather? (less rain and...)
  8. How does warming threaten endangered birds? (smaller cool zones)
  9. How much is sea level rise affecting the islands? (as much as sinking)
  10. How healthy is your watershed? (few rated high)

These are all drawn from previous posts here on SusHI.

Can you imagine what new learning awaits in this new year?

Published by Ken on January 1st, 2007 tagged HI-specific, Island Ecosystems

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